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Moscow Times: Auch g u t e Nachrichten aus Russland!

Endlich drüber reden ... und über das Neue Europa EU-Russland

MOSCOW TIMES (Feb. 11, 2014) publishes 10 good news – “not only the bad ones” – from Putins Russia. E.g. you are free in your religious belief, can leave the country where and when you want to. I just published my FACEBOOK commentary. Because it`s time for us Europeans to wake up politically. Russia-relations must become a mainstream event (daily even!)  for the whole of Europe – Russia being part of it. German politics is challenged. But never should Berlin try to go it alone. Please answer my FACEBOOK peace. Here we are:

There is much more than that! Russia is a peaceful country who has been offering peaceful cooperation and economic interdependence to the whole of Europe (to whom the Russians wholefully belong). But for more than 13 years President Vladimir Putin preaches to deaf European ears.

To change this immediately is a European must. There is no more time left to bother with – primarily “Western” – pretexts for doing nothing, and some of those pretexts are lamentably trivial.

New Europe, the EU/Russian way … April in Petersburg

In April, there will be a new Petersburg meeting of German and Russian leaders. Hopefully, Germans, many of their allies within the EU and Russia will take the lead to build our new Organization for Pan-European peace through cooperation. Moscow`s plan to build this new world power has been on hand since June 2008. The then President Dmitri Medvedew put it on the table – guess where? – In Berlin.

Rapallo? – Never again!

But those who do not wish a “New Europe the EU-Russian Way” are silently waiting for the Germans to make a mistake. They hope to be able, one day, to cry RAPALLO: Where, in 1922, Germany and the newly born SOVIET Republic – the European outcasts after World War I – signed their cooperation.

In 2014, never again must the Germans go it alone. They could never be strong enough and they needn`t. There are EU Partners waiting for this initiative. The French  who are already selling war ships to Russia are even in the front line, the Polish need be convinced for this new Operation “Cooperative Peace for Europe”, as the Scandinavians, Prague and even the Baltic EU partners, notwithstanding their horrible past as Soviet Republics.

It`s time to start with.

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